Cranberry Ginger Granola

Someone tried to break into our apartment two nights ago. To be honest, I don’t know how they’d actually have gotten through the window they were trying to open, considering it was only cracked and there’s a stove, island, and tons of stuff on the […]

St. Germain Dino Gummies!!

This won’t be a long post, I’m just too excited by how adorable these are! I keep coming across homemade gummy bears online, and finally decided to try them myself. When I told the bf I wanted to try them, he said there must be […]

Peach Cardamom Sorbet

One thing I know very well about myself…I’m usually very lazy, and have trouble finishing things. I swear, most of my knitting projects (because I knit too, as well as sew) sit unfinished and still on the needles for years before they might just maybe […]

Cherry Orange Crisp

I love cherries, and always buy a big bag of them (when I see them for a good price), but I’m horrible about actually finishing them! It’s so sad to have to throw them out because I was forgetful and let them go bad. Such […]

Mocha Chia Pudding

I’m not a sugary-sweet food type of person. I’ll almost always choose savory first. Even when it comes to dessert, I prefer things with depth and a good balance. If it tastes like it’s going to dissolve my teeth with sugar, I’ll typically pass. But […]